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    Ross Miller

    I keep getting the message “Could not connect to the Configuration Manager database”. I have the client running on my PC not the SCCM server and have full access to the database with the user I’m logging into. The one thing that might be a problem, but I don’t know how to fix it is the username. When I login to Callisto as a Service, the username shows the incorrect domain/username in the upper right corner. We use a domain.local domain that is different from the email address we use (I know it bugs me too). Is there someone that can help me figure this out? We really want to try this out to see if it will fill our needs.


    Hi Ross,
    Sorry to hear you’re having problems. We can arrange a screenshare to troubleshoot if we need to, but in the first instance, check this:

    The user account running the callisto.exe on your desktop has to have SQL read permissions to the ConfigMgr database. We’ve seen a lot of people getting mixed up between SQL permissions and ConfigMgr permissions, these aren’t the same thing.

    Callisto, as with other reporting solutions, requires read access to the Configuration Manager database. If you need to grant these permissions to your users, the simplest thing to do is to create a group, in Active Directory, for example “Callisto Users” and grant this group rights to read the SQL DB using SQL Enterprise Manager and running this script, edit the bits in italics to reflect your domain and ConfigMgr DB name.

    CREATE LOGIN [domain\Callisto Users] FROM WINDOWS;

    USE CM_DB1
    CREATE USER [domain\Callisto Users];
    ALTER ROLE db_datareader ADD MEMBER [domain\Callisto Users]

    Assuming this isn’t the problem, then we’ll set up a screenshare, I’ll drop you a mail about that now.


    This problem ended up being SPN related, so if anyone else comes across this problem, this is an area to investigate.

    We can check if this is possibly related to SPN by trying to connect to Callisto on the database server hosting the ConfigMgr DB. Use a web browser on the SQL Server desktop to browse to your Callisto tenant, download and run the controller, if this works then read on…

    SQL Server registers itself an SPN in AD against the service account it is running under. If you have changed this account, or moved it form running with a service account to running as local system (which was what had happened in this case) the SPNs will be messed up and will need fixing.

    Using a command prompt we can run setspn -L Computername to list the SPNs for our SQL Server. You should see an entry “MSSQLSvc/ServerName.doamin.com:1433” assuming you’re on the default port. If you don’t, we’re starting to get close to the problem.

    At this point you should refer to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/database-engine/configure-windows/register-a-service-principal-name-for-kerberos-connections

    Follow the guidance in this doc and you should be able to browse Callisto from any of your devices as long as user account running the Callisto.exe has read access to your database.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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